Arbitrary Waveform Generator


Moku:Lab’s Arbitrary Waveform Generator can generate custom waveforms with up to 65,536 points at sample rates of up to 1 GSa/s. Waveforms can be loaded from a file, or input as a piece-wise mathematical function with up to 32 segments, enabling you to generate truly arbitrary waveforms. In pulsed mode, waveforms can be output with more than 250,000 cycles of dead time between pulses, allowing you to excite your system with an arbitrary waveform at regular intervals over extended periods of time.


How can I upload custom waveforms from my iPad?

You can load from your iPad’s clipboard, the “Files app”, or choose from files saved directly on the Moku:Lab’s SD card.

What file formats are supported?

Files formatted with comma- or newline-delimited text.