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Take control of your experiment with Moku:Lab’s iPad App. Featuring intuitive user interfaces designed specifically for each instrument, Moku:Lab’s iPad App elevates user experience in test and measurement to a new level.

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Can I connect to a device by directly typing in its IP address?

Yes. In the iPad app, simply tap on the ‘…’ button which appears in the bottom left corner of the “Select your device” screen, then choose “Other device…”. Ports 27182-27186 must be open to connect to a device on a different subnet.

What are the minimum requirements for an iPad to be able to run Moku:Lab?

The minimum requirements are an iPad Air, or iPad mini 2 or newer, running iOS 8.2 or later. Choose your model from www.apple.com/ipad

How do I ensure that I have the latest iPad app software?

Simply go to the app store and download any updates, if available. The app store will always have the latest iPad software and include the most up to date instruments for the Moku:Lab.

Can I indicate where I am touching the iPad’s screen while presenting using Moku:Lab?

Yes! Your audience can better follow the presentation by enabling the built-in touch point feature.