Spectrum Analyzer


Moku:Lab’s Spectrum Analyzer allows you to observe input signals in the frequency domain between DC and 250 MHz. View two channels of data simultaneously with a resolution bandwidth as low as 1 Hz over a minimum span of 100 Hz. The Spectrum Analyzer also features two integrated waveform generators capable of producing sine waves at up to 250 MHz.


How do I track a peak?

Simply drag out a new marker from the marker button. Track multiple peaks on a single channel by dragging markers directly to the peaks you want. The Measurements Panel is also marker aware. Make measurements based on a marker’s characteristics such as amplitude, frequency, 3 dB width and SNR, or even the difference between markers. Swipe up from the measurement area to reveal the measurement history, a powerful enhancement to conventional zero-span measurements.

How do I generate waveforms on Moku:Lab’s analog outputs while running the Spectrum Analyzer?

Moku:SpectrumAnalyzer can be configured to generate two independent sine waves up to 250 MHz each on Moku:Lab’s analog outputs. In the Moku:Lab App, open the instrument Configuration Panel by tapping on the settings icon (located on the top-right corner of the screen). Select the Output tab, then configure and turn on the desired channel(s).