Frequency range
DC to 250 MHz

External triggering

Output voltage range
± 1 V into 50 Ω


Moku:Lab’s Waveform Generator enables users to generate two independent waveforms with a sampling rate of 1 GSa/s, a maximum frequency of 250 MHz and an output voltage range of ± 1 V into 50 Ω. Select between sine, square, ramp, pulsed or DC waveform shapes. Modulate the phase, frequency or amplitude, or generate triggered bursts or sweeps from an internal or external source.


High bandwidth analog output
Generate 2 independent waveforms from DC to 250 MHz

Intuitive graphical user interface with versatile API support
iPad, Python, MATLAB and LabVIEW control

Advanced modulation and trigger options
Supports AM, FM, PM with internal or external modulation source

Trigger burst and sweep modes


Analog output bandwidth
300 MHz

Modulation bandwidth
62.5 MHz

Spurious-free dynamic range
SFDR > 50 dBc for frequencies below 20 MHz

Total harmonic distortion
< 0.1% (1.5 MHz, 5 harmonics)

2 Vpp output into a 50 Ω load

Oscillator stability
< 1 ppm

Moku:Lab Spec Sheet

Waveform Generator Datasheet

Waveform Generator User Manual

Software integrations

Wirelessly configure and upload your waveforms, all from
an intuitive iPad interface, the Windows App (beta), or with
integrations for Python, MATLAB, and LabVIEW.

Generate up to two independent waveforms at a time

With the following characteristics:

  • Sine waves from 1 mHz to 250 MHz (4 µHz resolution)
  • Square, triangle, and sawtooth waves from 1 mHz to 100 MHz
  • Pulse (4 ns minimum with 1 ns resolution)
  • DC coupled output voltage range of ± 1 V into 50 Ω

Standard modulation

Modulate the amplitude, frequency or phase of the generated waveform at up to 62.5 MHz with an internally generated sinewave. Alternatively, modulate using an external waveform sampled by Moku:Lab’s 200 MHz inputs.

Cross-channel modulation

Moku:Lab’s Waveform Generator features cross-channel modulation, enabling the output on one channel to be modulated using the output of the other channel. Need to modulate the phase of a 10 MHz carrier with a 1 kHz triangle waveform that is itself amplitude modulated at 1 kHz? You can do that with cross-channel modulation.

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