Output sampling rate
10 MSa/s

Gain configuration

Phase lag
30° at 100 kHz

DAC resolution

Moku:Lab’s PID Controller features two fully configurable PID controllers with an output sample rate of 10 MSa/s. This enables them to be used in applications requiring both low and high feedback bandwidths such as laser temperature and current stabilization. The PID Controller can also be used as a lead-lag compensator by saturating the integral and differential controllers with independent gain settings.


Visualize your signal and configuration in real-time
Design your control system’s frequency response using the interactive Bode plot.

Block diagram view of the digital signal processing with built-in probe points for signal monitoring.

Versatile input options
2 input channels, 2 output channels with control matrix for blending inputs

Advanced multi-section PID builder
Includes single or double integrators and differentiators with low- and high-frequency gain saturation


Optional blending
2 channels with optional blending for MIMO systems

Input and output offsets
Independently adjustable

Input-output latency
760 ns

Gain range
± 60 dB

Input impedance
50 Ω / 1 MΩ

Moku:Lab Spec Sheet

PID Controller User Manual

Software integrations

Wirelessly configure and monitor your control system, all from an
intuitive iPad interface, or with Python, MATLAB, and LabVIEW.

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